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re-SOLUTION #5: Read More
Date: Friday, Jan. 10
Time: 6am
Venue: Various Locations Miami
Location: various locations, Miami
Price: Free
Ages: Baby (under 2), Preschooler (2-5), Kids (5-10), Tweens, Adults


Start - or nurture - a lifelong love of reading. There's no time like the present to dive into the wonderful world of books. Squeeze in a book at breakfast, read after school, swap TV for a silly story.

Here are some great lists to get you started...
Scholastic's 100 Best Books for Kids:
The New York Library's 100 Great Children's Books:
Oprah's Kids' Reading List:
Parents' Best Children's Books by Age:


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Sesame Street adventures, character storytime, freebie fun & 10 picks for the week

Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. We’re just back from a family walk and there was the slightest chill in the air - the best weather of the year is coming! Lots of indoor & outdoor fun awaits its arrival… read more

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